A Stick Journey with Stick Man

You’re probably all familiar with the popular Julia Donaldson story ‘Stick Man’ where he ends up on a long and unexpected journey whilst out for his morning jog.  LINK issue 170’s focus on journeys so why not head out to your local green space and be inspired by the book to make your very own journey stick?

photo 1 (A Stick Journey with Stick man - Helen)

What you need

Stick Man story

A stick (you can find this whilst out)

A park/woodland/field/garden

String/wool (cut into short lengths)

What to do

Read the story ‘Stick Man’ together.  This can be at home before you set off, in the car or on the bus.  Or take the story out with you and read it on a bench, log or blanket when you get to your destination.

Once you’ve read the story ask your child to find a stick like Stick Man, you can make one too!

Take your Stick Man on a journey, as you walk through the environment ask your child to collect an item (leaf/flower etc.) and tie it onto the stick using the string in the order you find it.  See if you can find some places similar to the ones in the story: a bridge, a dog, and look out for nests too!

Photo 2 (A stick journey with stick man - helen)

Look for hollow tree trunks, carefully checking to see if Stick Man’s family are in there!  Perhaps you could leave them a new leaf blanket?

Use your journey stick to help retrace your steps and find your way back, just like a map! You can retell the journey your Stick Man and family have been on using the items tied to the stick.  This helps children develop early communication, language and literacy skills as well as ordering and sequencing maths skills.

Helen Wilson

A Stick Journey with Stick Man originally appeared in issue 170 of LINK magazine.

If you have something to share about life in Sheffield or some pearls of wisdom of interest to parents and carers of small children and would like to write an article for the magazine or or blog for the website, email link.onlinesocial@gmail.com or submit it here.



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